Snapshot 12w50a – 3D itemi i novi enchantmenti

Kao što već vjerojatno znate, ‘svaki’ četvrtak nam dolazi novi snapshot. Glavna vijest je novi Thorn enchantment za oklop i naravno opcija za 3D iteme (kada igrate sa fancy graphics). Thorn dodaje bodlje na vaš oklop i kada vas mob napadne postoji šansa da će ga te bodlje ozlijediti. Rijetke knjige za enchantanje iz prošlog snapshota mogu se pronaći samo u tamnicama ili trejdanjem sa seljacima, a silk touch je moguće iskoristiti na škarama i tako pokupiti paučinu iz napuštenih rudnika. Dodani su i zvukovi za vatromet kojeg se vukovi od sada boje.

Verziju 1.4.6 bi trebali dobiti prije Božića, a pre-release već sljedeći tjedan.

Za cijelu listu promjena i dodataka (na engleskom) kliknite na more, a ovaj snapshot možete preuzeti na linkovima:


Server: (ili EXE)


  • Improved fireworks
    • Tweaked effects
    • Added sounds
    • Maybe: Fireworks now scare wolves
  • Added enchanted books to villager trading and loot chests
  • Added “thorns” enchantment
  • Added tool highlight when switching items in the hotbar
  • Added a warning for users playing Minecraft on soon unsupported systems (PowerPCs and Java 5)
  • Dropping items while sneaking now drops the whole stack
  • Made item drops render in 3D
  • Expanded on enchanted books
    • Will be findable in dungeons with special enchants normally not obtainable
    • Silk Touch can now be applied to shears on the anvil, cobweb can be harvested this way
  • Death messages now appear in server log files, discussed here
  • You can now use Written books to enchant any item in Creative mode
  • Fixed some bugs
    • Fixed the Firework Star crafting recipe consuming unneeded items
    • Fixed enchanted books allowing enchants to be applied to items that shouldn’t get them
    • Fixed arrows shot at endermen dissappearing
    • Fixed a bug with custom mob spawners not spawning different types of entities correctly
    • Fixed animals appearing to walk through fences in SP
    • Fixed some items with multi-layer textures rendering both layers separately when on the ground
    • Fixed tools differing only in damage not being able to be swapped in the inventory
    • Fixed some Z-Fighting with the beacon
    • Fixed some graphical issues in the trading GUI
    • Fixed /say not showing the text in the original purple color
    • Fixed placing double slabs ignoring damage value
    • Fixed minecarts being unable to travel through Nether portals
    • Fixed lightning not flashing
    • Fixed firework star duplication crafting recipe
    • Fixed the Nether and the End generating random client-side blocks in MP
    • Fixed FallingSand spawners failing to save properly and causing crashes
    • Fixed the blocks in lowest layer of the map not being recognized by beacons
    • Fixed enchants not showing in item frames