Snapshot 13w06a

Još jedan snapshot u kojem su samo ispravljeni neki bugovi. Kliknite na Read more kako biste saznali više.

  • Dodani su spawneri u minecartovima
  • Popravljeno je osvjetljenje (opet, ali i dalje se događaju neki bugovi)
  • Bebe mobova su sada niže, visina jednog bloka
  • Popravljen hitbox Wither Skeletona

Snapshot možete skinuti na linkovima:


Server: (ili EXE)


  • Improved lighting
  • Added spawner carts
  • Fixed some bugs
    • Fixed pigs jumping constantly when players control them on half slabs/stairs
    • Fixed Z-fighting of iron bars/glass panes with the block below/above
    • Fixed leaves replacing transparent blocks
    • Fixed clouds not having a transparency when you are underneath
    • Fixed baby mob collision boxes being too large
    • Fixed village lamp post torches sometimes floating
    • Fixed fence corners having incorrect collision boxes
    • Fixed wither skeletons having incorrect hitboxes
    • Fixed double trapped chests playing sounds twice when opening and closing
    • Fixed some trapped chests not playing sounds
    • Fixed villager trade menus missing their names
    • Fixed placing block directly east of the hopper making its inside appear black
    • Fixed pistons pushing pistons creating extra piston arms and/or pistons under certain circumstances
    • Fixed comparators not updating their output signal correctly
    • Fixed team option “friendlyfire” resetting upon map reload
    • Fixed a scoreboard name duplication
    • Fixed FallingSand not supporting block IDs > 128